Strong, impactful governance

The Diverse Academies Trust is governed by a board of trustees, appointed by our members. As a charity and company limited by guarantee, the board ensures that all legal and statutory responsibilities are carried out, and sets the overall strategic direction for the Trust. At a local level, each academy has its own committee of governors who challenge the senior leadership team to realise the potential of our students.

Our trustees and governors are supported throughout their time with us, enabling them to have an impact as soon as possible in their role. Our comprehensive induction and ongoing development programme includes various events throughout the year, training courses from The National College and National Governance Association membership – ensuring everyone can access the latest information and insights. All trustees and governors carry out annual self-assessment, which includes an action plan for areas of development and improvement.

Governance is also underpinned by strong links between executives, senior leaders and strategic leads throughout the Trust. Each half term, our link governors and link trustees meet with strategic leads for key areas of work. This offers the opportunity to build knowledge and provide robust challenge in our Trust and academy committees. These roles ensure that appropriate time, questioning and understanding is given to exploring our culture and approach to, for example, safeguarding, SEND and pupil premium. We have also instigated a number of additional forums where trustees, chairs and vice chairs also meet, providing a platform for further discussion and engagement.

Board of Trustees

Our trustees are responsible for ensuring the Trust meets all of its statutory obligations. As part of their role, trustees are accountable for:

  • strategic leadership;
  • accountability and assurance; and
  • strategic engagement.

The board has collective accountability and strategic responsibility for the Trust. It has a focus on ensuring the trust delivers an excellent education to pupils while maintaining effective financial management and must ensure compliance with:

  • the Trust’s charitable objects;
  • regulatory, contractual and statutory requirements; and
  • its funding agreement.

The Trust board meets twice termly, chaired by Mike Quigley, a highly experienced governor and retired company director. Mike has been a governor at various schools for over 30 years. He has also served as a local councillor for more than 20 years, is chair of Nottinghamshire County Council and is involved in a number of local charities including being chair of the trustees of Bassetlaw Hospice.

Meet the rest of the board on our people page.

Academy committees

The job of the academy committees is to support and challenge the academy’s senior leadership team to raise achievement and realise the potential of all the students, supporting the vision and ethos of the academy.

Committee members play an important role in trying to ensure that every student at the academy gets the best possible education. Each of our academies have the following attendees:

Type of memberNumber of membersTerm of officeHow they are elected
Executive Principal and Principal in each academy2Ex-OfficioN/A
Staff governor (either teaching or support staff) - optional14 yearsBallot of all staff in the academy
Parent governors24 yearsParent election – ballot to be organised by the relevant academy
Appointed (community) governorsBetween 3 and 74 yearsAppointed by members of the Academy Committee according to skills required
Clerk to the Academy Committee1IndefiniteAppointed by the head of governance services