As a Trust, we will be known for balancing academic achievement with children’s wellbeing – measuring our success equally on pupil/student outcomes with that of the many other valuable aspects of education such as confidence, critical thinking, empathy, resilience, collaboration and creativity.

This will be enabled by always ensuring school improvement is the ‘golden thread’ and implementing change through our four-step school improvement model of ‘explore, prepare, deliver and sustain’.

Our curriculum and enrichment programmes will be aspirational and grounded in what matters to people and our communities. We will be known for the strong relationships we develop with children, young people and their families, and for engaging with the wide range of stakeholders that make up our academy communities.

Our personal development of children and young people will allow them to thrive and be prepared to move on to the next step of their desired pathway. We will be known for developing healthy bodies and minds, so our children and young people are able to play an active and constructive part in global society.

Our academies will be vibrant and inclusive learning environments that ignite creativity and imagination. We will be known for the quality of our provision and the expertise of our staff.

Our staff will have access to high quality continuing professional development and opportunities to develop pedagogy that drives transformative education. We will be known for the agility of our team and our commitment to collaboratively achieve our goal.