How we will achieve our mission


We will actively engage and have influence across all elements of our communities – employers, institutions and organisations critical to shaping our children’s futures. We will evolve our aspirations for children and young people to enable them to apply their knowledge and skills, so they move onto destinations that our communities need and employers demand. We will focus our attentions on the quality of education we provide, and the impact and delivery of the breadth of curriculum – all of which serve the best interests of the children, young people and communities we serve.


We will focus on developing high-performing staff by continually developing and supporting our people, so they have the highest level of technical, leadership and coaching skills and knowledge. We will develop a culture of growth through a structured Trust-wide coaching strategy. We will facilitate joint practice development, based on the latest research and development. We will always emphasise the importance of the health, wellbeing, care and empowerment of our people.


We will focus and develop high-performing teams with a sense of togetherness towards a common purpose. We will strengthen togetherness within our academies, between our academies and across our communities. We will build on our sense of  organisational community and remind ourselves that the sum is always stronger than the individual parts. We will work in collaboration with other organisations and local schools, and build strong links across groups of schools to support system leadership and growth.


We will provide a focus on sustainability in its widest sense to ensure future generations are supported with issues such as climate change, poverty and equity for all. We will utilise our resources effectively and reap the benefits of digital advancements to maximise our impact. We will ensure our students develop resilience and adaptability for the skills they will need in the future. We will provide a curriculum offer in our academies that educates our children and young people about the wider global challenges facing current and future generations. We will ensure our staff are agile and flexible to respond to whatever is needed.