Our commitment to students

In keeping with our vision to inspire, to raise aspirations and to create brighter tomorrows, we support all our children and families to ensure that they are able to achieve the very best attendance.

Good attendance is key in unlocking potential, by providing children with the broad and ambitious curriculum to which they are entitled and ensuring that all our children and young people are able to develop the wider skills essential for their successful futures.

We achieve good attendance by ensuring that our curriculum and wider support meets the needs of all our pupils and students.

Partnership with parents and carers is key

Our children and young people are our priority, and when home and academy work together, we get the best possible outcomes. All staff work closely with students and their families to ensure that students attend regularly and punctually, and that all understand the link between attendance and academic attainment, personal achievement and future choices.

Rewards and monitoring

Our expectation is that every child/student maintains the highest standard of attendance possible. While we reward good attendance and aim for academy attendance to exceed the national average, we recognise that some children with long term medical conditions and special educational needs may not be able to attend to the same levels. In these cases, we ensure that individual support and the right provision for every child is in place.

Attendance levels are monitored at an academy and Trust level, led by our strategic lead who works with academy teams to advise, support and build on best practice in promoting attendance and to address any identified concerns.