Outstanding is not a destination

As a Trust, we support our academies throughout their journey of continual improvement, ensuring that together we make a difference in our diverse communities, and in the lives of those who learn with us and work with us.

Our model of school improvement





We take time to identify academy strengths alongside areas of development, and then effectively deploy targeted interventions and direct resources to provide support where it is needed. We focus in on the challenges and collaborate to put in place the most appropriate solutions, delivered through high quality educational and business professionals.

Seeking out and implementing best practice, underpinned by evidence-based research, also plays an essential part of developing excellence. The Diverse Academies Institute provides a wealth of training and development opportunities for colleagues across the Trust, ensuring our workforce is both highly skilled and agile enough to respond where the need is. The quality of support that we put in place is then held to account through strong governance at both a local and Trust level.