Leadership – the key driver of school improvement

We recognise that good leadership is the key driver of school improvement and have prioritised this to further increase our capacity for success. The development of our people is underpinned by a commitment to coaching across the organisation, ensuring that colleagues at all levels and in all roles can develop their leadership skills.

Our strategic partnership with Redhill Teaching Hub provides access to national professional qualifications and we are proud of the number of leaders embarking on these programmes. In addition, our Diverse Association for Professional Learning provides high quality opportunities supported by delivery partners such as ISBL, Olevi, Ambitions Institute and The National College.

Our approach to school improvement enables leaders to work together and access development opportunities across the Trust, leading to good retention and increased capacity. We are proud of the many examples of career progression.

We also recognise that effective governance is crucial to high quality leadership and we provide an extensive induction and training programme for governors and trustees, with opportunities for people in these roles to collaborate and provide additional governance leadership support where required.

We also value our role in system leadership. Through our Association and varied partnerships, we promote and offer opportunities for people both within and outside of Trust to work in other settings and broaden their experiences.

Personal and professional development

An important part of life at Diverse Academies is ensuring our colleagues have pathways through which they can progress their career with us. The Association is a reflection of our firm commitment to investing in all colleagues, which is fundamental to supporting our mission to nurture curiosity, develop wellbeing and empower children and young people to go beyond their aspirations.

Through the Association, our people can benefit from access to a wide range of development opportunities covering technical, leadership and coaching skills – enabling staff to feel more empowered and better able to progress personally and professionally in their chosen career path. Find out more about joining us.