The eager wait is over, as today, students across the Trust received their GCSE and Level 2 results – and were joined by teachers and colleagues, alongside friends and family, to celebrate their successes.

David Cotton, Diverse Academies CEO, said: “Collecting your first formal exam results is a huge milestone in any young person’s life and, as ever, I’m extremely proud of all that our students have achieved. They have shown outstanding determination and resilience, and these are skills that will serve them well as they take their next steps into further education and training.

“Our students’ success should not be summed-up exclusively by their academic achievements. Across the Trust, we place significant emphasis on delivering a wide and varied curriculum alongside a wealth of enrichment and extra-curricular activities, so that our children and young people develop the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the world.

“The class of 2023 have shown strength and tenacity in abundance, and I wish each and every one of our students the very best for the future – whether that’s as a member of our post 16 community or onto pastures new.

“I would also like to give my thanks to all colleagues across the Trust. As is always the case, I am humbled by their passion for and commitment to ensuring all our students achieve the best possible outcomes and overcome any obstacles they may face.”

Student success stories

Across Diverse Academies there have been many outstanding individual success stories – here we share a few from across the Trust.

East Leake Academy

One very happy student this morning was Beatrice. She achieved six grade 9s and three grade 8s and will now go on to study for A levels in maths, further maths, physics and geography at East Leake Academy sixth form. Beatrice said: “I am thrilled with my results and really happy to be starting at East Leake Academy sixth form in September.”

Owen achieved five grade 9s, two grade 8s and two grade 7s and said he was “very happy indeed” with his excellent results.

Ethan was “ecstatic” with his results of a grade 9, seven grade 8s and one grade 7. He will join ELA sixth form to study English literature, further mathematics and geography.

Otto is “beyond happy” to be joining East Leake’s sixth form after achieving excellent results and is in the top ten of students making the most progress over the last five years at ELA.

The Holgate Academy

Molly achieved a great set of results with a grade 9 in history and grade 8s in maths, chemistry and art; and grade 7s in English language, English literature, biology, physics and French. She will now go on to study A levels in maths, history and English literature at Hucknall Sixth Form Centre. Molly said: “Wow, I’m so pleased! I am really looking forward to starting at Hucknall Sixth Form in September.”

Another student equally delighted with their results was Holly, who achieved grade 8s in chemistry, physics and geography; grade 7s in maths, English language and French; grade 6s in English literature and biology, and a Distinction in business. Holly will be continuing her studies at Hucknall Sixth Form and has chosen A levels in criminology, psychology and chemistry. She commented: “Thank you so much. I am so pleased and cannot wait to start my A level studies.”

Jake was relieved and happy to have achieved a grade 7 in geography, grade 6 in English language; grade 5s in maths, English literature, biology, chemistry and physics; plus a Distinction* in physical education and a Merit in business. He said: “I was a bit nervous this morning but am really happy with my grades!” Jake will be joining Holly and Molly at Hucknall Sixth Form Centre next month. He will be studying A levels in geography, applied science and sport.

Queen Elizabeth’s Academy

One student who was delighted with his results was Konnah. Konnah achieved grade 9s in English language, maths, physics, geography and statistics, and grade 8s in English literature, biology, chemistry, computer science and French. He said: “I am happy with my results and looking forward to starting college.”

Another happy student today was Emily, who gained Distinctions in music and child development, 6s in English language, English literature and religious education. In combined science Emily achieved a grade 6 and grade 5, and she also received grade 5s in geography and maths. Emily said: “I am happy with my results. I was worried, but I have done better than expected and I feel good.”

Also celebrating today is Rayan, who achieved a 7 in maths, 5s in English literature, chemistry, physics and history and a Distinction ** in engineering. Rayan said: “I am feeling good about my results and looking forward to starting college.”

There were also smiles all round for Alexander. He gained a grade 8 in maths, four grade 6s in English language, chemistry, physics and history, and four grade 5s in English literature, biology, computer science and religious education. Alexander said: “I am more than happy with my results, and I am looking forward to my next steps.”

Tuxford Academy

There were a number of notable individual successes this year. There were smiles all round for Luke, who achieved brilliant results of eight grade 9s and two grade 8s. He was awarded grade 9s in geography, psychology, maths, biology, chemistry, physics, design and technology and Spanish, with 8s in English language and English literature. Luke hopes to study architecture in the future and will be heading to Tuxford Post 16 to do his A levels in maths, chemistry, engineering and Spanish. He said: “I am really happy with my results, I can’t believe I have achieved that many 9s!”

Another happy student today was Henry, who achieved six grade 9s in maths, biology, chemistry, physics, computer science and further maths, two 8s in business and Spanish, grade 6s in history and English language and grade 4 in English literature. He will be continuing his A level studies at Tuxford Post 16 Centre taking maths, further maths and computer science, and said: “I couldn’t be happier right now.”

After collecting her results today, Lauren will also be heading to Tuxford Post 16 this autumn to study biology, chemistry and psychology. She got a grade 9 in psychology, six grade 8s in history, maths, biology, chemistry, Spanish and English language, two 7s in English literature and physics, and grade 6 in drama. Lauren commented: “That was scary, but worth it now I have the results!”

Seth achieved grade 9s in English language and history, Distinction* in sport, a double 8 in combined science, psychology, English literature and sociology, and grade 7 in maths. Seth said: “It has been a lot to take in, I was very nervous opening my results but I am very happy.” Seth will now go on to study A levels at Tuxford Post 16 Centre.

Congratulations were also in order for Seth, who was awarded Distinction in engineering, grade 9s in maths and biology, four 8s in chemistry, physics, English language and English literature, grade 7s in history and Spanish, and grade 6 in drama and further maths. Seth is hoping to study engineering in the future and said: “I am really happy with my results, I have worked really hard and I am happy with what I have achieved. I am looking forward to September.”

James was delighted with his results today. He was awarded Distinction* in sport, Distinction* in engineering, four grade 9s in history, biology, English language and English literature, grade 8s in maths and physics, grade 7 in chemistry and grade 5 in Spanish. James said: “It has not sunk in yet, I am ecstatic with my results!” He will take up his place at Tuxford Post 16 Centre in September to study physics, history and maths.

Another student who performed incredibly well was Rafe, who said he was ‘excited for sixth form’ after receiving three grade 9s in history, biology and English language, four 8s in psychology, chemistry, physics and English literature, grade 7 in maths and sociology, 6 for drama and 5 in further maths. Rafe will be staying on at Tuxford to study A level music, history, physics and maths.

Walton Academy

One student celebrating today was Charlotte, who was awarded three grade 9s, four grade 8s, 1 grade 7 and a Distinction. Charlotte said she was ‘absolutely delighted’ with her results.

Another student who was very happy with their results was Grace, who achieved two grade 9s, four grade 8s, two grade 7s and a Distinction*. Grace said: “I am super happy with my results and really looking forward to starting my A levels. Thank you to my teachers for all their support, they always believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself.” Grace will now go on to continue her studies at Walton Post 16.

The anxious wait was over for Rosie who celebrated a great set of results, with five grade 9s, three 8s, one grade 7 and a grade 6. Rosie will be heading to Walton Post 16 in September to study A levels. She said: “I did so much better than I thought I would, I’m really happy. Thank you so much to my teachers for all of their support.”

Another student who did incredibly well was Juliet. With four grade 9s, two grade 8s, one 7 and two grade 6s, she will take up a place at Walton Post 16 to further her studies. On receiving her results, Juliet commented: “I’m so happy with my results and really excited to be joining post 16 in September.”

Celebrations were also in order for Oliwia, who was awarded three 9s, two Distinctions, one 8, three 7s and a grade 6. She will also be heading to Walton Post 16 in the autumn to continue her studies. Oliwia said: “I can’t believe it, I’m really pleased with my results. I’m really looking forward to all the opportunities ahead in post 16 at Walton.”

Retford Oaks Academy

One of this year’s top performers, Izzy, achieved five 9s, one 8 and four 7s and will be staying on at sixth form. She said: “I’m so shocked, I’m so overwhelmed but really happy!”

Another student who has achieved fantastic results is Samson with one 9, four 8s, three 7s, three 5s. Samson said: “I’m surprised but thrilled, I’m looking forward to starting the next part of my education.”

Daisy is celebrating some impressive results. Daisy achieved four 9s, six 8s and a 7 and will be staying at Retford Oaks Academy for her A levels, she said: “So much hard work went into this, and it’s really paid off. I’m so pleased and ready to party now!”

Ethan also exceeded his own expectations with an impressive six 9s, two 8s, one 7 and a 6, he was very pleased and said: “It’s really worked out, there was a lot of revising but I’m really happy. I’m looking forward to sixth form, at Retford Oaks Academy, a lot.”