We support our people to fulfil their potential

Ensuring our people are enabled to fulfil their potential so that they can make the greatest difference underpins our commitment to professional support and development.

We work hard to ensure that from the point of recruitment and induction, we create the climate in which people feel valued, supported and have access to the opportunities they need to develop their skills so they can build a career with us. Wellbeing is a priority and we have champions in every academy to ensure that we support our people in the right way at the right time.

Our approach is inclusive and collaborative. We have high standards but challenge and support one another to achieve our ambitions, co-creating and sharing ideas that work, adopting common policies and practices whilst developing each academy’s unique characteristics and ethos.

We ensure that we use the benefits of our Trust to provide wider opportunities and career progression across our academies and business roles. Our approach to personal development planning provides a bespoke approach to developing every individual. And the wealth of opportunities to work with colleagues ensures that people are able to grow and spread their influence beyond their role and academy.

There are many other benefits to working with us and we know each person’s reasons for joining us will be different. Whatever your motivation, we offer a diverse range of opportunities for rewarding and fulfilling careers in a supportive environment.