Students and their learning, growth and development are at the heart of everything we do and this helps nurture an environment that’s all about people achieving their potential – including our employees. We work hard to create the opportunities they need to develop their skills so they can build a career with us.

Our approach is inclusive and collaborative. We challenge one another to achieve our ambitions – co-creating and sharing ideas that work, adopting common policies and practices – whilst developing each academy’s unique characteristics and ethos.

Our size also brings lots of advantages. Our CPD network offers staff significant professional development, and across our partnership there are many opportunities for employees to develop their skills and career pathways through on-the-job learning, secondment or progression into a new role.

There are many other benefits to working with us and we know each person’s reasons for joining us will be different. Whatever your motivation, we offer a diverse range of opportunities for rewarding and fulfilling careers in a supportive environment.