Update on academy closures (updated 2 April 2020)

Please note, we remain closed to the majority of students until further notice. The government expects the number of children coming into school to be kept to a minimum. Every child who can be safely cared for at home should be.

Essential childcare for specific groups

Only those students/pupils who have been identified as part of a small number of specific groups – children of key workers, those with access to the free school meals scheme and vulnerable children – will be allowed access to a dedicated provision, as outlined below.

Parents/carers of these children have been communicated with directly and have been advised of the specific arrangements in place for them. As instructed, all parents/carers accessing this provision MUST complete the online consent form and provide two emergency contact phone numbers.

For help completing the form, please call 01777 702579 (open during office hours) or complete a paper copy version when you drop your child/children off. Please note that we cannot offer essential childcare unless you have completed the consent form and provided two emergency contact numbers.

Uniform does not need to be worn. For any pupil or student who does not normally receive a Free School Meal should bring a packed lunch with them.

Essential childcare provision locations:

  • Retford Oaks Academy – for students who attend Retford Oaks and pupils of Bracken Lane Primary Academy and Thrumpton Primary Academy. Key contact details for Retford Oaks – phone 01777 861618 or email office@retfordoaks-ac.org.uk
  • East Leake Academy – for students of East Leake Academy only. Key contact details for East Leake – phone 01509 852424 or email office@eastleake-ac.org.uk
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Academy – for students of Queen Elizabeth’s Academy and pupils of Wainwright Primary Academy. Key contact details for Queen Elizabeth’s – phone 01623 623559 or email info@queenelizabeths-ac.org.uk (closed over Easter holiday; pupils of Wainwright Primary able to access Samuel Barlow Primary as an alternative and students of Queen Elizabeth’s able to access Yeoman Park as an alternative)
  • Samuel Barlow Primary Academy – for pupils of Samuel Barlow Primary Academy only. Key contact details for Samuel Barlow – phone 01623 479033 or email office@samuelbarlowprimary-ac.org.uk
  • Hucknall Sixth Form Centre – for pupils of The Holgate Academy only. Key contact details for Hucknall Sixth Form Centre – phone 0115 9681657 or email info@hsfc-ac.org.uk
  • Tuxford Academy – for students of Tuxford Academy and pupils of Tuxford Primary Academy. Key contact details for Tuxford Academy – phone 01777 870001 or email office@tuxford-ac.org.uk
  • Walton Academy – for students of Walton Academy only. Key contact details for Walton Academy – phone 01476 563251 or email enquiries@walton-ac.org.uk (closed over Easter holiday)
  • Redgate Primary Academy – for pupils of Redgate Primary Academy only. Key contact details for Redgate Primary Academy – phone 01623 455944 or email office@redgateprimary-ac.org.uk (closed over Easter holiday; pupils able to access Yeoman Park as an alternative)
  • Yeoman Park Academy – for students of Yeoman Park Academy only. Key contact details for Yeoman Park Academy – phone 01623 459540 or email office@yeomanpark-ac.org.uk

Please note that parents/carers will be expected to continue to observe all advice in relation to COVID-19 in accessing this provision. If you suspect a member of your family has contracted the virus, please follow guidance from the NHS here: www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19

To all our academy communities, we hope you remain healthy and we continue to give our thanks for your understanding as we work together in such challenging times.

Yours faithfully,
Diverse Academies Trust