Year 11 language students at Walton Academy took part in a virtual challenge earlier today (9 October) hosted by Business Language Champions.

The Mind the Language Gap event provided an excellent opportunity for students to gain insight into how they can use languages in the business world.

The event included a brilliant talk from guest speaker, Lucy Prior MBE, who has worked in many different industries all requiring her to use her language skills.  Miss Edwards, MFL teacher, said: “The students really enjoyed the event – the day started with an inspirational speech from Ms Prior who outlined her very exciting career history, illustrating the different career avenues that they could explore. It was incredibly rewarding to see students using their language skills to create adverts in the target language and become inspired to use their language skills in their future careers.”

The students saw the opportunities for women in STEM careers where having the ability to speak another language is a massive advantage.  One of the  year 11 students who attended the event said: “It was a creative, interactive and fun way to use our language skills. We really enjoyed finding out about career opportunities that will allow us to use languages.”